Clean Med in the South Baltic

The TEM serves as benchmarking for a sustainable healthcare model in the South Baltic Sea Region:


-        Holistic view

-        Most hospitals certified according to ISO 14001

-        all hospitals work with all environmental issues

-        Recycling is very developed -> waste minimisation

-        All X-Ray is digital

-        All hospitals nearly CO2 neutral (energy), green electricity, district heating networks are very developed

-        Laughing gas cleaning installed at all the largetst hospitals/regions

-        building standards are very high in a European context (building legislations since the 70 s)

-        Training: all regions/ key staff functions environmentally trained

-        Biogas cars and other low-fuel cars very common->Eco driving -> Heavy EcoDriving- ISA system

-        All regions/hospitals have a joint Code- of-Conduct and suppliers are evaluated and audited

-        Many hospitals PVC-free

-        New buildings have very high demands on energy efficiency

-        Geothermal heating & cooling, solar cells etc. are becoming more and more common.

-        Many of the regions are on the way to become Climate Neutral, very high ambitions

-        Pharmaceuticals/

-        Organic food Region Sk√•ne: 50 % 2016; Coffee etc. 100 %

-        Bottled water not allowed